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Manjary mail server

Manjary is a mail and web server supporting POP3, IMAP4, SMTP and their SSL extensions, HTTP, HTTPS. The server has additional functionality, such as checking for spam and an interface for interacting with external programs that allows you to implement additional features.

The server has a modular structure that allows you to disable unused modules to save resources. The configuration of the server as a whole and all modules is located in a local file and can be changed and applied without stopping the server. User management, domain management and other administration tasks are implemented through a simple WEB-interface that can be supported both by a built-in HTTP server and be taken out to a third-party server for centralized administration of one or many Manjary servers.

This software is currently in active development and testing. All significant changes are immediately checked on a real system. Documentation will be updated and supplemented. There is no documentation in English yet, but an online version with automatic translation is available. All example files are provided with comments in English.


History of changes

2023-08-08 ver. 0.0.4
- Fixed a bug due to which some temporary files were not deleted.

2023-07-20 ver. 0.0.3
- Fixed a bug due to which when the maximum number of failed attempts to send a
  message was reached, the message files (*.eml, *.out) in <mail-root>\queue
  were not deleted.

2023-07-11 ver. 0.0.2
- IMAP4: In the case where a multipart message did not have a Content-Type header
  field in one of the parts, an incorrect response to the FETCH BODYSTRUCTURE
  command was generated. Now the default response to FETCH is text/plain.

2023-07-10 ver. 0.0.1
- First public release.

- Beginning of the active development phase.