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Manjary mail server

Manjary is a mail and web server supporting POP3, IMAP4, SMTP, LDAP, HTTP, ManageSieve, poppassd and their SSL extensions. The server has additional functionality, such as checking for spam and an interface for interacting with external programs that allows you to implement additional features.

The server has a customizable modular structure. This ensures resource savings by using only those modules that are necessary to solve the assigned tasks. The configuration of the server as a whole and all modules is located in a local file and can be changed and applied without stopping the server. Management of users, domains and other administration tasks are implemented through a simple WEB interface which can be supported either by a built-in HTTP server or be transferred to a third-party server for centralized administration of one or many Manjary servers.

This software is currently in active development and testing. All significant changes are immediately checked on a real system. Documentation will be updated and supplemented. There is no documentation in English yet, but an online version with automatic translation is available. All example files are provided with comments in English.


History of changes

2024-04-27 ver. 0.0.14
- Sieve module: Fixed compilation of empty script. Executing the resulting
  binary does not generate any error log entries.
- A significant part of the IMAP4 module has been rewritten. The extended LIST
  command (RFC 5258) has been implemented.
- New example configuration file 'manjary.xml.SIMPLEST' in the 'examples'
  directory. The simplest all-in-one configuration.

2024-03-15 ver. 0.0.13
- Added a new module - poppassd.

2024-03-13 ver. 0.0.12
- Added a new module - Sieve. The module implements support for the Sieve
  programming language and the ManageSieve network protocol.

2024-01-24 ver. 0.0.11
- Fixed a bug that caused a crash when passing an empty base64 string to SASL.

2024-01-18 ver. 0.0.10
- SMTP module: Fixed memory out of bounds error when receiving multi-line SMTP
  responses from the server.

2023-12-05 ver. 0.0.9
- fcgiadm: Passing log entries to the browser in CDATA nodes.
- Run external processes with I/O redirection using native API instead of libc
- HTTP module: Added some missing variables for CGI programs.

2023-11-29 ver. 0.0.8
- SpamCheck module: Additional checks for recursive inclusions for SFP.
- The SPAMCHK module name in some log file entries has been corrected (it was

2023-11-17 ver. 0.0.7
- New feature: displaying the tail of the log in the administrator web
- Fixed a bug with encoding long strings in the FastCGI interface.
- Fixed freezing of the entire FastCGI interface if one of the FastCGI
  applications unexpectedly closed the connection.
- Fixed hang on server shutdown when using helpers and reconfiguration was

2023-11-06 ver. 0.0.6
- The FastCGI interface has been completely rewritten.
- The API for interaction with external programs has been rewritten. This is
  now used in the Helpers module and for CGI programs in the HTTP module.
- HTTP module: Fixed a bug where the <handler> directive would not work if it
  specified an executable file (not FastCGI).
- Helpers module: EXIT and RECONFIG requests are no longer generated. Now an
  interrupt signal is sent instead. File examples\hlpsmtpsrv.cmd has been
  updated to reflect these changes.

2023-10-22 ver. 0.0.5
- Extended user information (vCard).
- The address book. Implementation of the LDAP protocol.
- Web interface improvements and fixes.

2023-08-08 ver. 0.0.4
- Fixed a bug due to which some temporary files were not deleted.

2023-07-20 ver. 0.0.3
- Fixed a bug due to which when the maximum number of failed attempts to send a
  message was reached, the message files (*.eml, *.out) in <mail-root>\queue
  were not deleted.

2023-07-11 ver. 0.0.2
- IMAP4: In the case where a multipart message did not have a Content-Type
  field in one of the parts, an incorrect response to the FETCH BODYSTRUCTURE
  command was generated. Now the default response to FETCH is text/plain.

2023-07-10 ver. 0.0.1
- First public release.

- Beginning of the active development phase.