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FreeRDP is a free implementation of the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), released under the Apache license. Enjoy the freedom of using your software wherever you want, the way you want it, in a world where interoperability can finally liberate your computing experience.

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You can download the latest build RPM packages from the file archive.


History of changes

2024-06-18  - WPS class: Support for changing font sizes in the properties
              notebook according to XWP settings.
            - Synchronized with latest sources from GitHub.

2024-05-03  - winpr: Functions WaitForSingleObjectEx() and
              WaitForSingleObject() do not interrupt processing of the PM
              message queue.
            - Synchronized with latest sources from GitHub.

2024-04-27  - The creation and processing of the PM message queue is
              centralized and moved to low-level winpr functions. This provides
              more reliable event handling and reduces the amount of
              platform-dependent code scattered throughout the freerdp.dll.
            - Added window menu items to send special keyboard shortcuts.
            - WPS class: Added the ability to not specify color depth to avoid
              setting the /bpp switch.
            - Synchronized with latest sources from GitHub.

2024-04-18  - Improved support for the Microsoft::Windows::RDS::Graphics DVC
              channel (rdpgfx). The remote application mode works again for
              Windows servers versions higher than 2008. This did not work on
              FreeRDP versions higher than 2.8.1.
            - WPS class: command line switch '/gfx:AVC444' has been replaced
              by '/gfx:AVC444:on'.
            - Synchronized with latest sources from GitHub.

2024-03-18  - Map Ctrl+Alt+Del to Ctrl+Alt+End.

2024-02-06  - Added some libfreerdp function calls to initialize the keyboard
              that were omitted in all previous versions.
            - The command line switch 'grab-keyboard' has been restored. In
              several previous versions this option was always disabled.

2023-08-04  - Fixed a crash on systems without a sound output device.
            - Fixed reconnection when an interrupt signal occurs (Ctrl-C).
            - WPS class: On the Redirection/Sound page of the settings
              notebook the "Audio output" radio button was always set to
              "Local" - fixed.
            - Synchronized with latest sources from GitHub (3.0.0 beta).

2023-04-24  - WPS class: changes to parse the new log line format.
              In recent builds, due to the new format, the window position was
              not saved and the "Diconnect" item of the class pop-up menu was
              not available. Fixed.
            - Synchronized with latest sources from GitHub.

2022-12-16  - Fixed PM freezing during connection.
            - Measures have been taken to clean up artifacts on the screen
              after closing the remote application windows. Perhaps this
              is not enough...
            - Synchronized with latest sources from GitHub.

2022-12-08  - All text conversions are done through the icu library.
            - WPS class, msoffice.cmd: changes for the new syntax of command
              line switches.
            - Synchronized with latest sources from GitHub.

2022-01-12  - Compiled with urbdrc channel support (redirect USB devices).
              See /usb switch. Requires libusb1.dll. Not tested!
            - Synchronized with latest sources from GitHub.

2021-04-20  - Persistent attempts to open an audio device if it was captured by
              another process at the start of playback.
            - WPS class: When launching remote applications, the command line
              switch +offscreen-cache is specified.
            - Synchronized with latest sources from GitHub.
2021-04-14  - Synchronized with latest sources from GitHub.
            - Porting new sections of the winpr library and channels subsystem
            - Calculation of audio playback delay.

2021-01-28  - Improved stability in audio output.
            - Synchronized with latest sources from GitHub.

2020-10-28  - An experimental feature: "*" can be specified as the name of the
              remote application to connect to the server without launching any
            - The ability to launch remote applications in an existing session
              of the remote application. See the "Freerdp.exe for OS/2 specific
              features" chapter of the README.os2 file.
            - WPS class: The "Disconnect" command of the context menu of the
              WPS object. It can be used, for example, to disconnect a session
              without terminating remote applications.
            - Synchronized with latest sources from GitHub.

2020-10-02  - Support for AltGr key on German keyboard. Windows systems use the
              left CTRL scan code together with the right ALT scan code to
              indicate the AltGr key on a German keyboard.
            - Synchronized with latest sources from GitHub.

2020-09-01  - Optimized the creation of the system bitmap in GPI mode.

2020-08-19  - Fixed some confusion with audio buffers.
            - Fixed problem with data transmission to the system (Gpi) for
              building bitmaps.

2020-08-16  - A premature free memory was found. This caused a crash in the
              PMMERGE.DLL module. Removed serialization of function calls
              GpiQueryBitmapHandle, GpiQueryBitmapInfoHeader and

2020-08-14  - Serialization of GpiQueryBitmapHandle, GpiQueryBitmapInfoHeader
              and GpiSetBitmapBits functions calls with a mutex semaphore. It
              looks like it helps to get rid of the trap in the PMMERGE.DLL
            - Synchronized with latest sources from GitHub (ver. 2.2.0).

2020-06-24  - Stable work when an audio device is opened in shareable mode.
            - WPS class: The potential problem of saving the password for the
              gateway has been fixed.
            - WPS class: Separate properties notepad page for sound and "Audio
              device is shared" checkbox.
            - Synchronized with latest sources from GitHub (ver. 2.1.2).

2020-05-13  - Correct display and behavior of minimized to the desktop windows
              of the remote applications.
            - The connection prograss bar window is always on top of other
            - Synchronized with latest sources from GitHub.

2020-04-23  - Optimized the operation of windows in remote application mode.
            - WPS class: Options "Glyph cache" and "Bitmap cache" are now
              turned off by default.
            - Synchronized with latest sources from GitHub.

2020-04-15  - New dialogs: request credentials for the server and gateway,
              verification of new and changed certificates, connection progress
            - The name of the executable file is changed to ofreerdp.exe. Now
              we can have separate * .xqs files for the dynamic library and the
              executable file.
            - WPS class: the credential request dialog and connection progress
              window has been removed since it is implemented in ofreerdp.exe.
            - WPS class: the new page of the properties notebook:
              Connection / Gateway (page 2 of 2).
            - Synchronized with latest sources from GitHub.

2020-03-17  - During the dynamic creation of icons in the remote application
              mode, the program crashed. Fixed (I hope).
            - WPS class: Option "RDP8 graphics pipeline" has been moved to the
              Perfomance page. New option "Do not check RDP order
              (/relax-order-checks)" on the protocol page.

2020-03-13  - Fixed a bug due to which the window of the remote application
              usually collapsed when increasing the size with the mouse.
            - Checking the size of the data provided in platform-dependent code
              to create a bitmap image.

2020-03-11  - The mp3lame library is no longer used for resampling.
            - Added support for some channels that were previously missing.
            - Updated environment in which the project is built. Used GCC 9.2
              compiler. Requires a pthr01.dll (pthread library) file no older
              than (bldlevel):
                Vendor:          bww bitwise works GmbH
                Revision:        0.01.1
                Date/Time:       2020-01-06 11:52:55
                Build Machine:   ECS26154618
                File Version:    0.1
                Description:     pthread implementation for OS/2
            - More precise use of support (compilation options) for SSE2, SSE3,
              SSSE3 and stack alignment for various source files.
            - Synchronized with latest sources from GitHub.

2020-02-11  - WPS class: The window position is correctly calculated for any
              XPager virtual desktop.
            - Sound output changed for compatibility with the current
              platform-independent code.
            - Synchronized with latest sources from GitHub.

2019-11-11  - Optimized processing and display of bitmaps.
            - Synchronized with latest sources from GitHub.

2019-10-23  - Fixed a bug due to which the contents of the RemoteApp windows
              were shifted up one line.
            - Changed RemoteApp window ordering control in the stack.
            - Synchronized with latest sources from GitHub.

2019-10-03  - Support for RDP8 graphics pipeline (see command line options /gfx
              and /gfx-h264). Not tested with remote applications.
              Check if RDP8, RFX and GFX features are activated on the server,
              sometimes they are not:
                gpedit.msc 'Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates >
                Windows Components > Remote Desktop Services >
                Remote Desktop Session Host'.
            - This build does not require a kernel and processor supporting AVX.
            - WPS class: Option "Asynchronous update"on page "Protocol" removed.
              New option "RDP8 graphics pipeline" added.
            - WPS class: Setup string, option PROTOCOL, new items: OLDLICENSE
              and GFX. Unused items removed: ASYNCTRANSPORT and ASYNCUPDATE.
            - Synchronized with latest sources from GitHub.

2019-05-31  - The main window lost icon after switching from full-screen mode.
            - The main window lost input focus after switching from full-screen
              mode when scrollbars existed. Fixed.
            - Prevent infinite reconnections when a remote application fails to
            - Removed OS/2-specific feature that allows you to immediately
              disconnect when closing the last window of a remote application.
              This no longer works with the latest source codes. Now the
              connection will be broken by the server, as it usually happens in
              FreeRDP on other platforms.
            - WPS class: The negative coordinates of the window were
              incorrectly maintained. Fixed.
            - Synchronized with latest sources from GitHub.

2019-03-27  - Processing the missed command to hide remote application window.
            - Floatbar released.
            - New item "Full screen" in the system menu of the window.
            - Fixed window size when remote desktop is larger than screen size.
            - A new environment variable FREERDP is used instead of the old
            - Reducing the number of extra mouse messages sent to the server.
            - msoffice.cmd: The unique disk name and "minimize" configuration
              variable to minimize initial window.
            - WPS class: New page Graphics 2/2 (Floatbar).
            - WPS class: The progress window is not listed in the window list
              until it is visible.
            - WPS class: Check box "Create an initial window minimized." added
              (page RemoteApp).
            - Synchronized with latest sources from GitHub.

2019-03-12  - The default value of the command line switch "bitmap-cache" was
              changed some time ago from ON to OFF. Corresponding changes are
              made in the WPS class.
              Synchronized with latest sources from GitHub.

2019-01-31  - WPS class properties: Undo/Default buttons on pages Prfomance and
              Protocol now work, the context menu of bookmarks sub-menu
              Redirection is presented in normal form.
              Synchronized with latest sources from GitHub.

2019-01-27  - New checkbox in WPS class properties: "Use the old license
              workflow". This controls the command line switch +old-license.

2019-01-25  - Synchronized with latest sources from GitHub.

2019-01-24  - Fixed file truncation error in common platform-independent code
              (channel "drive").

2019-01-18  - Fixed intermediate buffer overflow when using a-law and mu-law
              audio decoders.

2019-01-17  - Fixed crash when hostname could not be found.
            - Fixed deadlock between two FreeRDP windows when the clipboard is

2019-01-12  - Synchronized with latest sources from GitHub.
            - Implemented support for audio stream formats a-law and mu-law.
            - Small changes in the audio subsystem.
            - Removed option "Asynchronous transport (experimental)" (which no
              longer exists in FreeRDP) from the WPS class.
            - Removed non significant command line switches for launching
              remote applications from the WPS class.

2018-08-13  - Compiled without annoying message about demo version.

2018-08-07  - Locked audio device does not cause the program to fall any more.

2018-07-24  - Linked to avcode56.dll and avutil54.dll (ffmpeg 2.8.6-2) instead
              avcode58.dll and avutil56.dll.
            - Build from the latest sources from GitHub.
            - Some fixes in the OS/2 ralated audio output code.
            - Sound quality control in the WPS class.

2018-06-26  - sleep() function call in connection procedure to avoid high CPU
            - Fixed several problems with the RS232 port.

2018-06-01  - Libraries freerdp and winpr are compiled as dynamic libraries
              like for the original project design. These DLLs are marked
              so that they are loaded in "high memory".
            - WPS class and msoffice.cmd are modified to set the current
              directory for freerdp.exe.

2018-05-27  - Using high memory.
            - More optimal use of memory for bitmaps.

2018-05-03  - The memory leak bug (with /gdi:hw) is fixed.
            - The PM will not freeze during reconnection.
            - Updated with latest sources 2.0.0 rc2.

2018-04-12  The first public version for testing. It is compiled for the
            CPU with AVX instruction set (OS/4 kernel is required).