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Feedback and bug reporting

If you think you have found a bug, your first steps should be:

  • Read the documentation carefully and see if everything is done correctly.
  • Download the latest version and see if the problem still happens with that. This really is worth doing.

If you can possibly solve your own problem by reading the manual, asking a fellow user or some other means, then it would make our lives much easier.


Please use a meaningful subject line on your message.

In the subject line of your email, please tell us what you're reporting. The more objective your subject line is, the easier it will be for us to understand and follow up.

When sending us feedback or reporting a bug, please include as many of these as possible:

  • OS you are using.
  • Program version.
  • Step by step of how you got to the issue, so we can reproduce it.
  • A screenshot of the problem and/or the log.

Send feedback and bug reports to tr@pdigi&


You can find us in the #os2russian channel on EFnet to give us feedback or report bugs/issues.